Buy Dutch driving license

Buy Dutch driving license .You got a great job in the Netherlands and you urgently need a driver’s license? Or maybe your family is based in the Netherlands, but you work abroad and cannot make your 185 days in the Netherlands. Without the 185 days spent in the previous year before registering for the driver’s license, you may Dutch car driving license don’t even apply. This involves a lot of bureaucracy and various documents are requested. You save a lot of time when you order your driver’s license online and of course a lot of money.Buy Dutch driving license

Buy Dutch driving license

How much is the cost of a Dutch driving license?

It is known that the Netherlands driving license cost one of the most expensive in Europe, with strict rules, many driving lessons and of course theory lessons. On average, the Dutch driver’s license costs €2,300, plus the language barrier and unfamiliar traffic conditions and rules. In order to be able to drive legally in the Netherlands with your German driving license, it must be valid for 15 years after the expiry date, otherwise it does not meet the prescribed conditions.Buy Dutch driving license.

How long does it take to buy a Dutch driving license online?

It takes 6 to 7 working days .Perhaps your driver’s license was unfortunately revoked and it stands MPU before? Even then it is Dutch EU driving license very helpful, because you can order it from us and be on the road again in Germany in just a short time, should this be your wish. You don’t need the “beginner’s license” either, we will give you a full Dutch driver’s license for the class you want.

Buy Dutch driving license

Important notes to buy Dutch driving license

When buying one Dutch driving license you should be very careful, because there are many scammers on the web. If you are caught with forged documents, you could face a fine and potential imprisonment. So, rely on the professionals, you’ve come to the right place.Buy Dutch driving license.

Are you going to live in the Netherlands and do you have a foreign driving licence? You can still use this driving licence for a while. Exactly how long depends on the country where you obtained your driving licence.You can look it up in the database to make sure that your name is registered.

Buy Dutch driving license

Exchanging a Dutch driving licence

Do you have a foreign driving licence and do you live in the Netherlands? In the Netherlands you will be allowed a limited period for driving with a foreign driving licence. After that, you must exchange the driving licence through your municipality. If it’s possible will depend on the country that issued the driving licence. You can always exchange a valid EU/EFTA driving licence.Buy Dutch driving license

You can exchange your foreign driving licence (from any country) for a Dutch driving licence. This is only possible if the foreign driving licence is still valid. You get all the categories that your foreign driving licence has.You can apply to renew your driving licence via your municipality.

Visit the website of the municipality in which you are registered. You can also renew an expired driving licence (provided that it was valid at some point after 30 June 1985). It is not necessary to take another driving test.

In that case, to apply for a Dutch driving licence, you will need a valid Proof of approval (‘Beschikking Bewijsregel’) from the Dutch tax authorities. You can apply for this together with your employer.Buy Dutch driving license

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