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Buy Boat license in UK

Buy Boat license in UK .Boating can be a fun and enjoyable activity, whether it’s for fishing, watersports, or just cruising. But just like driving a car, there are rules and regulations in place to ensure safety on the water. One of the most common questions that new sailors ask is whether they need a licence to drive a boat.Buy boat license

buy a boat license

Buying a boat license from our service is very easy and fast going. You can buy a boat license for commercial purposes or recreational.You will be issued an International Certificate of Competence to make sure you are fit.Buy boat license

Boats you need a Licence for

In the UK, you need a licence to operate a boat with a motor of over 10 horsepower. This includes the following: 

  • Speedboats
  • Powerboats
  • Motor Yachts 
  • Motorised Barges
Buy boat license
buy boat license
buy boat license
buy boat license


How much does a Boat license cost in Uk

In the UK, the cost of a boat licence varies depending on the type of boat licence and the length of time for which it’s valid. There are many types of boat licences, for example, a short-term licence for up to 30 days can cost around £350, while a full-year licence can cost around £600


All you have to do is use our contact menu to send us an email stating what type you need.Getting a Boat license takes maximumly 3 to 5 working days.You can as well send us a message through the whatsapp button.An agent will be directed to you instantly after getting notified .


Yes of course it is possible to get buy a boat license from ASAP documents .You can chat privately to know how the process works.When sending us a text please go straight to the point .Or fill in the table below to send us a message.If you hold an offshore license or yachtmaster ocean, it is essential to fully understand the principle of flags.

How do Boat Licences Work?

The law requires your boat to have and fly the French flag (the French flag at the back of each ship). This represents an international registration and stipulates that your boat is under French law on the high seas and that you are not illegal or pirating. A boat driving licence is designed to ensure that boat operators have the necessary knowledge and skills to safely navigate waterways. In the UK, there are different types of boat licences, including the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) and national boat licences issued by the UK government. 

It is a maritime signal which determines the nationality of the boat, which may moreover be different from that of the crew. The flag of the boat determines the legislation under which it evolves, not the nationality of the crew.

Do you need a licence to Drive a Boat in the UK?’

In the UK, you don’t always need a licence to drive a boat, but it depends on the type of boat and its motor size. If you’re operating a boat with a motor over 10 horsepower, you must hold a valid international certificate of competence(ICC)

The ICC can be obtained by taking a boating safety course and passing an exam. However, if the boat has a motor under 10 horsepower, you don’t need a licence to drive it for recreational purposes.

It’s important to note that even if a licence isn’t required, you should still be aware of the rules and regulations in your area and take the necessary steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable time on the water

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