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Have you failed the driving test in the UK on several occasions because of stress, lack of concentration, or just because the system is too demanding with such exams? Worry not because you can buy a genuine UK driving license without exams or driving tests. Buy registered documents like Driver’s Licenses, passports, and ID cards, as well as resident permits all on our website. You must know that it is better to buy a driver’s license than follow the normal procedure which is sometimes even complicated. Many get registered, take the test, and still fail meaning that they lose money in the process. Our service facilitates the whole process and makes everything stress-free because you do not have to write any exams. Yes, we cover it for you.

Our service entails that both practical and theory exams are validated in the system. Yes you can check in the database to make sure you find your name in DVLA database. This is the only authentic provider,BEWARE of scams as we receive a lot of complaints on daily bases.If you are reading this article do not surf,check on others because you may fall on the wrong hands. Do not rush to others without checking real details to make sure which is legit .Well,we are basically creating an awareness that in as much as we offer a good service to facilitate people get driving license and other documents, there are fake providers out there claiming to be us.If you are a victim already, we encourage you to contact us as fast as you can to get you through the process. Just basically laying more emphasis on the fact that we are the only legit ,authorized to make this possible.Check our testimonies, stamps, and collaborators.

Four Benefits of buying a UK Driving License online

No Exam: When you buy a genuine driving license, there will be no need to take the exams. However, the process is covered entirely so that you won’t have to undergo protocol, bureaucracy, and so on. We try to make everything available in the next 10 to 12 working days maximum.

Convenience: Many people have tight schedules and lack time to go through the exams or testing process. Buying the UK license will be very convenient for them. 

* Save Time: By buying a genuine UK driving license, you save the time of moving to testing centers or driving schools to follow up the driving process.

* Money Saving: When you fail the driving test several times, your expenses can pile up if you have to re-take the exam.

* Buying a UK driver’s license saves you money.

* Choose Category: Buying a genuine UK driving license allows you to choose your category.

Steps to Buy a UK Driving License Without Exams from DVLA

You must be mindful of the fact that we work hand in hand with DVLA and everything is legit and can be checked with DVLA

1. Decide on the driving license category you wish to order

Documents Manufacturers

The very first step to buying a genuine UK driving license is to decide the driving license category you wish to obtain.

2. Contact a Reliable Agency or Agent. With our service, we have made it possible to reach our agents through WhatsApp. You can contact us with our whatsapp button to Chat on WhatsApp 

At this stage, you will have to look for a reliable agent to go about this for you. It might be daunting to find someone that is reliable. But do your due diligence and discover the right person or agency.

3. Place an order

As you may already know, placing an order requires visiting our website ASAP documents. I researched and discovered a reliable website where you can buy a genuine UK driving license. We also have closed collaborators such as, to help reach our customers with the good services we offer. We highly recommend them for paperworks

4. Provide the required documents

When you buy a genuine UK driving license, you will have to provide documents such as an ID Card/passport and some passport-size photographs.

Buy registered documents like Driver’s Licenses, passports, and ID cards.

How fast can I buy a driving license in the UK?

The fastest time to take to buy a driving license can take 3 to 5 working days. This is usually the best moment in the job because clients become very satisfied in less than expected wait time. We have had recently over 3000 immigrants in the last months and over 300 have already gotten their driving license from our service. We call the 3 to 5 days an expressway because of how fast we get done with the process. These clients are required to pay an extra fee to facilitate the process. Also in our scenarios, we normally finish the whole process in 10 to 12 working days and we charge you differently, a little less expensive than the latter.

In conclusion, the cost depends on what service you want. The faster the higher the amount. We always blow our client’s minds with how prompt our services are. We do not exceed waiting time.


We’re responsible for:

  • recording driver endorsements, disqualifications and medical conditions
  • issuing photocard driving licences
  • issuing vehicle registration certificates to vehicle keepers
  • taking enforcement action against vehicle tax evaders
  • registering and issuing tachograph cards
  • selling DVLA personalised registrations
  • helping the police and intelligence authorities deal with online scams from wrong providers

Mark Cook

Driving instructor at Drive UK, driving school.Rochdale United Kingdom.


Sam Fidel

Collaborator at DVLA. Driving instructor at Easypass Driving school.Preston,Uk

John Delsmann

Driving instructor at Topgear driving school. Works at DVLA.

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